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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Song That Heal a Broken Heart (1st List)

Music Heal A Broken Heart
I am in a sad mood right now, so i really need a song. Just for a temporary, to be in controlled mentally and physically. This is my pick list of Heart Broken Song. It Really help a bit. I've Tried to compile and listen to it. Hope it can help you as well.

1. Secondhand Serenade It's Not Over
2. My Chemical Romance I Don't Love You
3. Lara Fabian I Will Love Again
4. Jewel You Are Meant For Me
5. Landon Pigg Can't Let It Go

6. Michele Branch Good Bye To You
7. Stacie Oricco There's Gotta Be More
8. Stacie Oricco I'm Not Missing You
9. Fergie Big Girl's Don't Cry
10 R.E.M Everybody Hurts

Refers to : +Heartbroken Songs

Will update again if i found one.

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