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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Most Deadly Mistakes People Make While Getting Their Ex Back! Do Not Ignore This at All

Does it seem like all you ever do is goof where your ex is concerned? If you have been driving yourself crazy wondering what your ex is up to, who he/she is seeing and how to get him back, then you need to channel all your energy into sure shot ways that will bring him/her back to you. Don't waste time doing the wrong things!

Don't pressurize your ex.
If you think calling your ex up a hundred times a day will make him/her rush into your open arms - you got another think coming! Don't call or message your ex for some time. Let the hard feelings and anger simmer down. Many don't wait for this to happen and ride rough shod all over their ex's feelings!

Don't drown your sorrows!
If you are under the misconception that alcohol will dull the pain and give you the boldness you need to confront your ex - wise up! This is a sure way to blow all your chances to kingdom come! All the alcohol will do is lower your inhibitions and make you reckless. You most probably will let your tongue run away with you and say the wrong things that will make your ex thank his/her lucky stars that you two are not together!

Don't look for comfort in the cookie jar!
Ice cream, chocolates and cookies sound comforting and delicious when you are feeling pretty low. What you should realize that you will put on extra pounds and the next time your ex sees you he/she probably won't recognize you under all that fat!

Don't be sly and conniving.
You should realize that being with you for all those months/years, will give your ex a pretty good idea about the kind of person you are. If you try to pull wool over his/her eyes without actually changing for the better, your ex will see through it in an instant. Moreover, it will take even longer for him/her to start trusting you again.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Rahul_Talwar

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