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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

3 Stages of Mending a Broken Heart

When you get dumped next the negative feelings start coming in to your mind. You may become suicidal or you can end up being all alone by yourself. You may end your entire social circle by not going out and not answering phone calls. This condition of depression is very painful. You may not feel like living anymore. You may want to hide somewhere for the rest of your life so that nobody would see you again.

Every single day people are getting dumped and going through breakups. It is easy to get into love but maintaining a relationship is a bigger task. You need to control your feelings and emotions if you want to have your life back to normal.

Actually there are 3 different phases you would go through when you have had a break up. Read this carefully.

Stage One - The Hurting Stage

This is the first preliminary stage after a break up. You may go through unbearable pain. You have increased heart beats all the time and you may be crying all day and night. The time that you spent in your past relationship hovers over your mind. The life seems too difficult to live and you think that it would be never possible to gain the normal life back.

You find it difficult to forget that person in your life. People start excessive drinking; some even start taking drugs to ease out the pain. Some people indulge in food and some even stop eating. Whatever it is, in this phase your life is in a miserable condition and you need to act on it immediately.

You need to cope with this situation in whatever way you can. Spend time with the friend who really cares. They can be your family members, your friends or your teachers. You should not be alone all the times. These people would be able to understand you better and could suggest good ways to you to gather the pace of life. You should pamper yourself as much as you can. Do the things that suit you best. Listen to good music, or go for long rides, exercise or do anything that helps you make your mind busy. If you end up sitting idle then again you would start thinking about your past relationship and this would make situation worse.

We meet new people daily and we end up making friends with them. You may have heard that nothing lasts forever in this world. This relationship was also to be ended and may be it was the right time.

The Second Stage - The Getting Even Stage

This is the second stage of the mending phase. In this phase all your love for your ex starts converting into anger. And then you start trying out things to make him/her hurt. You may start doing what your ex never liked. You may start dating someone just to get back at your ex. In the back of your mind you may be trying out to get your ex back. But you would keep on convincing yourself that you hate your ex.

You should be happy if you are in this stage as you have already reached the middle of the mending process. It is normal to have such kinds of feelings after having a break up. But in this overall process of being angry and getting back at your ex, please do not end up doing anything which you would regret later. Think over every step you take. You should set apart yourself from whatever belongings you have which can remind you of your past relationship. Throw away the love letters, the greeting cards, and all the dresses that were special for you. Do not keep any of these things so that you can forget every part of your past bad experience.

The Third Stage - Get over It Stage

At this stage you have almost gotten over your ex. When you get up in the morning you will ask yourself in front of the mirror why you are wasting so much time for a person who was never yours. You would start thinking about ways to start living the life afresh again.
When you are at this stage you feel that the worst has already past and you are ready to hit the road again. You should always treasure your relationships but when something starts to hurt then it is always better to stop it than to suffer later.

Having a clear cut understanding of these stages helps a person to come out of the trauma of a broken heart early. Life is full of new chances and opportunities; you just need to grab them. Don't waste your time thinking about your past relationships. Instead you should try to take a learning so that you don't make the same mistake again ever in your life.

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