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Friday, June 19, 2009

10 Ways to Get a Boyfriend - Super Hot Techniques Your Friends Will Want to Know

10 Ways to Get a Boyfriend - Super Hot Techniques Your Friends Will Want to KnowBelieve it or not there are 10 ways to get a boyfriend that almost never fail. The problem is that most girls are too afraid to put them to work. These methods may surprise you but they are highly effective when used properly.

1) Be yourself. Other women may pretend to be someone they are not and that might work for a little while but it won't keep a great for the long haul. Be who you are and don't pretend to be someone you aren't because you think it will impress him.

2) Be nice. So many women are vicious to other women. Don't be like that. You do not make yourself look better by putting other people down. It goes against things you've probably learned since you were a child but you are the only person this type of talk makes look smaller in the eyes of a good man.

3) Love yourself. If you do not love the person you are there is no way you are going to convince any man on the planet to love you. This may very well be the most important of the 10 ways to get a boyfriend there is.

4) Know your worth. This is actually not the same thing as loving yourself. Loving yourself makes this easier but if you know how valuable you are as a person it's real easy to let others see it. You don't have to tell them or keep a running tally. If you know your own worth it shows and you shine.

5) Have fun. Here's a little secret when it comes to 10 ways to get a boyfriend. Guys want to date someone that they can laugh with. They like to have fun and they want to date someone that will have fun with them.

6) Pay attention to packaging. While packaging isn't all that matters, it's a great way to get his attention. Dress nice, put a little extra care into your hair and cosmetics or simply play up your natural beauty. This is one of the 10 ways to get a boyfriend that is often ignored or done completely wrong so be careful with this powerful tactic.

7) Be his friend. Ever watch When Harry Met Sally? Hopefully it won't take your friend that long to figure things out but if you are his friend first the rest may come naturally. If you can't become his friend there's really no hope for becoming his girlfriend.

8) Meet people. This step is one of those steps that is so obvious that most people overlook it. Too often people wonder why there aren't any good guys available. The problem is that there are great guys available all over the place. You just have to go where they are. Get out, get moving, and meet some guys. The rest of the 10 ways to get a boyfriend amount to nothing if there aren't any "boys" in your line of sight.

9) Know what you're looking for. If you don't know what you want in a boyfriend it doesn't matter how many boyfriends you get, they aren't likely to be the right one for you.

10) Pay attention to the vibes you are sending. Are you telling the world to stay away? If so, this could be the reason you need 10 ways to get a boyfriend. You need to make yourself available and approachable. Once you do, you may have to fend the men off with a stick.

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