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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Stop a Break Up | Believe it Or Not It's All in Your Hands

Stop a Break Up | Believe it Or Not It's All in Your Hands
You want to stop a break up?

A common misconception says that if one of the two people in a relationship wants out of it, there is no way the relationship can be salvaged. Contrary to this misconception many breaks up are preventable and reversible if the person being "dumped" puts 1 effort 2 patience 3 determination and above all uses the right approach . A solid dose of these 4 ingredients can work miracles if you want to save your relationship

It's hard to stay in control of yourself and your emotions when there is an impending break up on the horizon. However now more than ever you have to be "cool' and under control. Acting clingy and needy or being miserable and desperate could be a total turn off for your partner. It's a rule of thumb that nobody needs the needy. Begging, crying, threatening and all kinds of desperate behavior will drive you further away from the final goal of stopping your break up.

Crowding your partner's space is not a good idea either. Respect their need for time on their own. They have to reflect and sort things out in their head. Pressuring them and demanding closure won't help.

It's vital that you are a good listener right now. Hear what your partner has to say and know how they feel about things. Don't argue, try to defend yourself or blame the failing relationship on them. Just absorb whatever they are saying

Shift the focus on you for a while. Something in your appearance, behavior, habits did not live up to the expectations of your partner. Take time to pinpoint your faults. Make an effort to work on them.

Your common sense and logic have to come into play. Emotions are bad adviser right now. In order to stop your break up you have to do the right things at the right time. Positive results will follow.

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